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Common misconceptions about treatment facilities

Due to common misconceptions, many individuals have reservations about the effectiveness of the treatment provided in rehabilitation programmes, despite the fact that it is a critical component of reintegrating people into their everyday lives.

A single internet search can provide thousands of results, and choosing the best one is often an overwhelming task. They all appear to be very sophisticated and effective based on their beautiful websites, but appearances can often be deceiving. To choose a reputable treatment centre, there are several critical certificates and licenses that separate the authentic from the get-rich-quick scams that we have all heard about on the news.

The misunderstandings concerning substance misuse and drug and alcohol rehabilitation are the result of a lack of accurate information and knowledge. The concept of receiving psychiatric assistance in any form remains taboo in society, and this can only be changed by raising awareness and normalizing treatment for substance misuse.

In commemoration of Human Rights Month, SANCA will focus on patients’ rights and responsibilities throughout the month of March, as well as raising awareness about what happens inside a treatment facility.

Common fears discourage people from seeking treatment. We want to alleviate your fears, because treatment is well worth it!

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